Fruits Project Announces the Opening of its Global Trading Outlet shopping site [FGTO] February 13, 2020

A shopping site [FGTO] where you can purchase products using FRTS coins has now opened. 
At FGTO(https://fgto.io), you can purchase daily necessities, including food, beverages, clothing, stationery, and emergency supplies.

Primary Objectives
The primary objectives of the Global Trading Outlet is to respond to emergencies around the world and provide disaster relief services for large-scale disasters.  Your purchases can be sent to disaster areas or charities that need donations to be provided to those in need.

Only FRTS Coins can be used
To make purchases listed on the Global Trading Outlet site (FGTO) only FRTS coins can be used.  One of the goals of the FRTS coins is to ensure the transparency and traceability of all donations reaches the individuals that are in need of disaster relief.

FRTS coins can be purchased at Bitmart.

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