Fruits Mobile Wallet Released!



Current Stage

The first step to our new original blockchain economy! The FRUITS Wallet for Mobile has officially been released!

At the moment, the FRUITS Mobile Wallet is mainly for users who currently hold the ERC20 Fruits (FRTS).

For users who have the ERC20 Fruits (FRTS) and would like to send them to your FRUITS Wallet, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new FRUITS ERC20 Wallet
  2. Click on the left top Fruits Logo
  3. Press the “i” button by your FRUITS ERC20 Wallet
  4. Copy Address & Send your FRTS to that address.

For users who do not have any Fruits (FRTS), please click on the “create account” button and make a new FRUITS PoC Wallet account – new functions will be added after our hard fork.

After the Hard Fork

After our hard fork is over, there will be more functions added to the FRUITS Wallet, so please stay tuned!

Additional Functions will include:

  • Passphrase/Recovery Key Function
  • Send/Receive Function
  • FRTS Transaction List
  • View Transaction Details
  • Automatically Check for New Updates
  • Import/Export PoC Fruits with Passphrase
  • Display FRUITS PoC Wallet Address
  • Import ERC20 Fruits with Passphrase
  • Display Smile Coin Balance

Where to download

Download our Fruits Mobile Wallet from the Apple Store and/or Google Play