Smile Coin Donation + Seed Token Distribution Released!



Today, we are very excited to launch the Smile Coin Donation feature and the distribution of a few Seed Tokens!

※More Seed Tokens will be released later in 2022 and the Seed Token feature will be released around the end of February.

What is a Smile Coin?

A Smile Coin is our donation coin. They are exclusive to donations and there is no other purpose to the coin (they will not be available to trade).

After donating a Smile Coin(s), users will automatically receive a random Seed Token(s).

What are Seed Tokens?

Each Seed Token has its own purpose. For our first phase, we are releasing 4 Seed Tokens: Star Token, Guava Token, Apple Token, and Cherry Token.

Please read the link below for its purpose:

※Unfortunately, due to the platform that we are currently using, we need to separate the domain for Smile Coin Donations. However, we will make it so users can donate all crypto-asset under one domain.

Intro to Fruits Eco-Blockchain Project | Episode 2

We have also released our episode 2 of Intro to Fruits Eco-Blockchain Project where we have explained the use of Smile Coins in further detail so be sure to check it out!

We would like to thank everyone for support Fruits and we hope everyone has a wonderful end to 2021 and an amazing start to 2022!