$FRTS Airdrop Campaign 2021

✨ 1,000,000 USD worth of FRTS Giveaway! ✨

Fruits Airdrop Campaign 2021 Phase 4

The Fruits Eco Blockchain Project will be getting listed on another CEX in December!

To celebrate this our new listing, Christmas, and to finish 2021 strong, we are giving away a total of $300,000 worth of FRTS out of the $1,000,000 for our final Phase 4

Campaign Schedule

The Airdrop Campaign will be divided into 4 phases
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Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


About Phase 4

For Phase 4, Fruits is giving away a total of 300,000 USD worth of FRTS!

Project Name:

Fruits Eco-Blockchain Project

Token Symbol:


Airdrop Start Date:

December 6th 2021

Airdrop End Date:

December 31st 2021

Airdrop Reward:

💵Total Reward: 300,000 USD worth of FRTS
💎1st Prize: 100,000 USD worth of FRTS x 1 Person
💎2nd Prize: 25,000 USD worth of FRTS x 1 Person
💎3rd Prize: 1,000 USD worth of FRTS x 25 People
💎4rd Prize: 100 USD worth of FRTS x 500 People
💎5rd Prize: 50 USD worth of FRTS x 2000 People


Phase 4 Step-by-Step

1. Create Fruits Mobile Wallet Account

2. Submit Form

Claiming Reward

Winners are scheduled to be notified by January 5th, 2022.
Once all the winners are chosen, we will message each winner via Email.

About Fruits Eco-Blockchain Project

Fruits Eco-Blockchain Project provides an eco-friendly blockchain that aims to revitalize global charity together with athletes. It performs a sustainable economic cycle by using a PoC consensus algorithm which results in low power consumption, high security, and high-speed transaction.

Due to the 3 features created by the Fruits PoC there is no competition for mining and no need for high-spec mining equipment, which results in the reduction of unnecessary costs and eliminates transaction fees between those who send or receive tokens between the Fruits Wallet.

In addition to the features brought by PoC, our blockchain is also built with multi-layered smart contracts. With the multi-layered smart contracts, we have directly connected people’s consumption to charitable giving. By spending or donating your Fruits coin through the Fruits Wallet, you are given Smile coins (coins specifically for donating), and when you donate with Smile coins, you will receive Fruits Seed Tokens that can be used for different purposes.

With all the above, we hope to create an eco-friendly blockchain economy where “your spending’s leads to another’s savings” and we aim to contribute and actualize the international development goals of the 17 SDGs adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

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