The functions made possible from the Fruits PoC

Functions of Fruits Token Economy


A sustainable eco-friendly blockchain, which is the basis of “FRUITS”, is built through PoC and multi-layered smart contracts, which are made possible because of the Fruits PoC
Fruits coin is a new form of spending that combines consumption, donation, and incentives to convey the enjoyment, satisfaction, appreciation, and significance of donation to people who have never been interested in it before. We hope to create a world where people can donate directly to organizations and individuals.
With the goal of “One’s spending’s leads to another’s savings”, we aim to create a unique token economy that supports charity projects that send money to organizations and individuals in need of donations and actualize the international development goals of the 17 SDGs adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

High Versatility

With the multi-layered smart contracts, the Fruits blockchain was designed so it can be widely used and not only for one purpose. With this multi-layered smart contract, we are implementing a function where consumption is directly linked to charity.

When you make a payment (or a donation) with Fruits coins, you will be granted with Smile coins which are specifically made for donations. Once you donate using Smile coins, you will then be given Fruits Seed Tokens that can be used for different purposes

No Transaction Fees

Fruits is working on a PoC consensus algorithm to create a sustainable economic cycle without the need for transfer fees. Whether it is donation transfers/payments or non-donation related, there will be no transactions fees to send or receive tokens between Fruits Wallets.

The 3 features implemented through PoC (low power consumption, high-speed transaction, high security) make it possible to reduce unnecessary costs and waive transaction fees because there is no competition for mining and no need for high-spec mining equipment.