Fruits Blockchain Economy

How our blockchain economy works

Use or donate frts


The Fruits Blockchain Economy has built in multi-layered smart contracts – when users make a consumption or donation using FRTS, it will automatically generate and grant the user with Smile Coins (Donation Coins). When users donate using Smile Coins, it will automatically generate and grant the user with Thanks Fruits Seed Tokens (Seed Tokens).

What can you do with FRTS?

Step 1

FRTS holders can spend FRTS to purchase items on platforms that have our FRTS Payment Method registered (if so, skip to Step 3) or could directly donate FRTS on our Charity Website.

Step 2

Go to our charity website or open the FRUITS Wallet and press the donate button. Select a Charity of your choice and donate the amount of FRTS you wish to donate. If you haven’t downloaded our Wallet then please download from the page below 👇

Step 3

After donating FRTS or spending FRTS on platforms with the FRTS Payment Method registered, you will automatically be granted Smile Coins to your FRUITS Wallet.

Step 4

Smile Coins are only for donation purposes and users will not be able to trade them on an exchange, so please use the Smile Coins and donate to a charity of your choice.

Step 5

Once you donate Smile Coins, you will automatically be granted random Thanks Fruits Seed Token(s). Each Seed Token has a different purpose, for example, governance token, NFT token, lottery token to win more FRTS, etc.

Step 6

Keep the Seed Tokens if you like the prize or trade it on our original DEX which is available on our FRUITS Wallet.