Fruits SDGs Station Donation Guideline



How To Donate: Step-by-Step

Please find below the detailed guideline (with images) on how to donate on our charity website –

Step 1: Select Charity

Go to 「Region」& Select a charity that you would like to donate to.

*There will be more charities added in the future

Step 2: Enter the amount of FRTS & Press Donate

Step 3: Confirm Donation Cart & Press Donate

Step 4: Complete Donation Registration

Please fill out the donation registration form. User’s are required to enter their First Name, Last Name, and email address.

*If you are donating with BTC, ETC, or FRTS from an exchange wallet, please make sure you enter your Fruits PoC Wallet Address. This information will be needed to receive your Smile Coins.

Step 5: Copy Fruits Address & Send

You aren’t done yet!

Please copy the Fruits Address provided, which is the Fruits Wallet Address for the specific charity you selected.

Step 6: Open Your Fruits Wallet

Open your Fruits PoC Wallet and Press Send

Step 7: Paste the Charity’s Fruits Address

Paste the Charity’s Fruits Address that you copied earlier and insert the amount of FRTS you wish to donate and press send!

Step 8: Check for Completion

Once you send your donation please wait a few minutes and there shall be a check sign to notify you that the donation has been received.

Once your donation is received, please give our team some time to verify the donation!